Tet 2016 - Around town

Photos from a wander in D1 and Cholon, as well as the local flower market.
P1000855 P1000840 P1000866 P1000880
P1000889 P1000894 P1000905 P1000914
IMG 6421 P1000912 P1000917 P1000922
P1000925 P1000934 P1000939 P1000947
P1000952 P1000956 P1000958 P1000971
P1000996 P1010003 P1010006 P1010015
P1010026 P1010028 P1010032 P1010043
P1010048 P1010050 P1010057 P1010062
P1010078 P1010081 P1010086 P1010103
P1010109 P1010111 P1010120 IMG 6425
IMG 6459 IMG 6470